Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Basquash! - Episode 9

As Dunk Mask and company continue their travels, so they come across their next Basquash opponents, a trio of players who come from a rather unlikely source as they look to branch out from their day jobs as idols. Still, that concept works pretty well for me, as not only do we get a rather nice segue into the episode's opening credits, but we also get to enjoy a performance from Megumi Nakajima (best known as Ranka Lee in Macross Frontier) as one of those idols into the bargain too.

Anyhow, I'm getting ahead of myself somewhat here, as before all of this we have the inevitable hot spring segment (you didn't think Basquash! would be immune to hot spring-based fan service, did you?), although there's really not much point in comparing breast size when you're sharing a bath with someone from the moon - If ever Sela and Miyuki needed more motivation to make it to the moon, Haruka seems to provide it in spades.

Before even that however, Dan gets knocked down by some mysterious girl who proceeds to kiss him as a diversion to escape a chasing mob... Or so it seems. The girl in question is in fact Rouge, one of that trio of idols (known as Eclipse), and the kiss is all part of their grand plan to take on Dunk Mask, Sela and Iceman Hotty at Basquash. Of course, the plan works out perfectly, but the result not so much, thanks to both a change of heart on the Eclipse girls part and the in-depth knowledge about the band shown by "Alan" (ohh Rie Kugimiya, is there anything you can't do?).

I've been holding back this thought for a few episodes now, but I really can't any longer - I simply can't get enough of Basquash! It's fun, it's sassy, it looks great in terms of both animation and character design, it has a top-notch soundtrack and.... well, quite simply, it rocks. Even when the episodes are somewhat self-contained the series has enough sheer energy and enthusiasm to keep it running, making for one of the most enjoyable series to watch this season. It may not have the smarts of Eden of the East or the cute factor of K-ON!, but Basquash! knows exactly what it's doing, and boy does it do it well.

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